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default NomadFactory.Blue.Tubes.Dynamics.Pack.VST.RTAS.v3.2-AiR | [ VST ] 14mb


SIZE ......: 03 * 4,77MB
DATE ......: 10/2007

The Blue Dynamics Pack is a collection of 6 plug-ins
processors for PC. Designed to improve the quality of
digital sound recordings. This bundle recreates the
warm sound qualities of classic dynamic analog
hardware. The sound quality of Blue Dynamics pack is
nothing short of amazing. Yet all 6 plug-ins provide
a simple and functional “vintage-style” interface, as
well as low CPU consumption for lightening-fast

BT BrickWall BW2S

The BT BrickWall BW2S-XP is a simple and elegant
brick wall compressor/limiter. Just insert the BT
BrickWall BW2S-EX on your mono or stereo track, and
you have a smooth audio track without the unwanted
transients. By using this compressor/limiter on your
master tracks, the harsh peaks in your program
material will be eliminated allowing you to increase
the overall level of your mix..

Variable Release times.

Threshold with maximizer control.

Brick-Wall Peak limiter control.

Easy-to-use vintage interface with gain reduction VU

BT Compressor CP2S

The BT Compressor CP2S emulates analog tube
compressors in terms of looks, functions and sound
including RMS and Peak compressions. A compressor
words, but the warm analog sound of the BT Compressor
CP2S is something you need to hear for yourself.

Threshold and Ratio compression controls.

Variable Attack and Release times.

RMS and PEAK switch control.

Ouput level (Makeup Gain) control.

Easy-to-use vintage interface with gain reduction VU

BT DeEsser DS2S

The BT Deesser DS-2S is a stereo deesser with vintage
controls and sound. This deesser is designed to tame
the harshness of certain vocal sounds, specifically
“ess” sounds (hence, the name). However, this device
can be useful in controlling the level of other
“sibilant” vocal sounds as well, such as “t”, “sh” or
“f” to name a few. A deesser works like a frequency
specific compressor. In fact, the DS2S is essentially
a compressor driven by a hi-pass/band-pass filters.
It reduces the offending high frequencies when the
level of those frequencies exceeds the threshold.
Threshold and Frequency sliders are provided, as well
as a Listen selector switch to hear only the
frequencies being deessed. The DS-2S is the ideal way
to take that unwanted “sizzle” out of your vocal

Threshold and Variable Range.

Internal Side Chain High and Low Pass Filters with
Listen key.

HPF and BPF modes.

Easy-to-use vintage interface with gain reduction VU

BT Compressor FA770

The BT Compressor FA770 provides the operation and
sound of highly coveted analog compressors. The FA770
is designed with a fixed-ratio and “time constant”
switch (see settings below) as part of its
characteristic vintage sound. This model proves that
you do not need many knobs and sliders to achieve the
great compression sound of the FA770. Adjust the
Threshold, maybe the Time Constant to adjust the
speed, and there you have it.

Input gain control.

Threshold control .

Presets of Attack/Release times (Time Constant) .

Ouput level (Makeup Gain) control.

Easy-to-use vintage interface with gain reduction VU

BT ExpanderGate GX622

The BT ExpanderGate GX622 tames the noise floor so
that you hear only the audio you want to keep. This
fully-adjustable gate/expander reduces (or cuts) the
signal if the level becomes too low (as determined by
the Gate Threshold setting). This controls unwanted
background noise on the track(s). Like a compressor,
the Attack and Release controls determine how fast
the gate opens and closes. To help the gate decide
when to open, you can use the two Filter controls
(Side Chain).

Variable Attack, Hold and Release times.

Threshold and Range controls.

Internal Side Chain High and Low Pass Filters with
Listen key button.

Easy-to-use vintage interface with gain reduction VU

BT Limiter LM2S

The BT Limiter LM2S is an easy-to-use tube emulation
limiter. The straightforward controls and out
-standing sound make this limiter the perfect tool
for mastering. In addition to the basic limiting
controls (Peak Reduction, Attack, Release, and Output
Gain), the LM2S also includes a 5-band EQ. This
allows you to address those final sonic details in a
mastering session while increasing the apparent
loudness of your mixes.

Variable Attack and Release times.

Threshold compression control.

Output level controls.

5 Band graphic equalizer with Pre/Post compressor.

Easy-to-use vintage interface with gain reduction VU

Installation Notes :

1) Unzip, Unrar and run Setup.exe

2) Enjoy this fine Team AiR release !!!

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