Outsim.SynthMaker.v1.1.2.PROPER-AiR | [ APP ] 22mb

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default Outsim.SynthMaker.v1.1.2.PROPER-AiR | [ APP ] 22mb


SIZE ......: 05 * 4,77MB
DATE ......: 09/2008

SynthMaker is an audio programming tool that allows
anyone to create their own sounds, virtual
instruments and effects without having to write any
code. These instruments and effects can then be used
for playing live via MIDI or as VST plugins for use
in making music using any of the popular recording

Additions and Fixes in v1.1.2

If you hover your mouse over a module input then
keyboard shortcuts for commands like copy or undo
would not work.

Fixed a crash when trying to load a preset text file
which contained non-unique or blank preset names

We now show a more descriptive error message when
DIrectSound can't be opened because ASIO is in use

The missing snap to default functionality has been
reinstated in the Animated Bitmap Knob

Exported exes were not showing any cursor (I beam)
when over an edit control

In exported exes edit controls were not working
correctly when used in full screen mode

Fixed a crash in the State Machine R&D component that
would occur when connecting input data in a certain

In exported exes, dialog boxes (such as Message Box,
Colour Dialog and File Dialog) were not coming to the
front in full screen mode

Fixed a memory leak in the Bitmap Sample and Hold

Fixed crashes with the array components (Int Array,
Float Array, String Array) when using feedback links

Analog Modelling Kit (57 modules)

1 Level knob centered
1 Level knob
2 Channel Amp (mono)
2 Channel Amp (poly)
2 Level knob centered
2 Level knob
3 Level knob centered
Advanced Reverb
Amp Modulation (mono)
Amp Modulation (poly)
Audio Input
Audio Output
Color Scheme
Cross Delay
CV Combiner (mono)
CV Combiner (poly)
Delay (mono)
Delay (poly)
Distortion (mono)
Distortion (poly)
Echo Delay
Filter (mono)
Filter (poly)
Frequency Splitter (mono)
Frequency Splitter (poly)
iFFT Oscillator
Low Frequency Oscillator (LFO) (mono)
Low Frequency Oscillator (LFO) (poly)
Midi CV
Mono To Stereo
Multi Stage Envelope
Oscillator (OSC)
Overdrive (mono)
Overdrive (poly)
Parametric EQ (mono)
Parametric EQ (poly)
Ping-Pong Delay
Pitch to CV
Poly to Mono
Poly To Stereo
Saturation (mono)
Saturation (poly)
Simple Reverb
Step LFO (mono)
Step LFO (poly)
Stereo Balance (mono)
Stereo Balance (poly)
Stereo Poly to Mono
Tap Delay
Wave Construction LFO (mono)
Wave Construction LFO (poly)
Wave Construction Oscillator
Wave Draw LFO (mono)
Wave Draw LFO (poly)
Wave Draw Oscillator


Installation Notes :

1) Unzip, Unrar and run Setup.exe

2) Enjoy this fine Team AiR release !!!

Note: previous release by another group was a
bad cracked trial version which missed a lot of
required modules for creating own plugins. Enjoy our
full working release !!!


VSTs via P2m / downloads

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