Cinematique.Instruments.Spieluhr.and.Glockenspiel.KONTAKT.Sub100-DYNAMiCS | [ SAMPLES ] 30mb

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default Cinematique.Instruments.Spieluhr.and.Glockenspiel.KONTAKT.Sub100-DYNAMiCS | [ SAMPLES ] 30mb



SUPPLiER..: Team DYNAMiCS DiSKS...: 3*15MB
CRACKER...: n/a DATE....: February 2012

The Spieluhr (as known as musicbox) is a small instrument which
produces sounds by the use of a set of pins placed on a rotating
cylinder plucking the tuned teeth of a steel comb. Our musicboxes
are tiny with a size of 2,4 x 2 x 1". The Glockenspiel is a
percussion instrument, composed of a set of tuned metal bars resting
over a frame like a trough. We used the legendary red children model
of Hohner™ with a small range from C4 to F5.

Thanks to their high pitch, both instruments produce a very asser-
tive and bright sound.

For sampling the Spieluhr we used three different models each with a
different melody: the 5th movement of the 9th of Beethoven, the
wonderful Romeo & Julia theme and “The Entertainer”. We set all
these musicboxes on the body of an accoustic guitar as well as on
the body of a baritone ukulele and recorded them in a close distance
near the soundhole. Beyond this we recorded the musicboxes very
normally on a surface of a wooden desktop.

The Glockenspiel was recorded in several dynamic layers and 3 times
Round Robin variations in a close mic position. We also recorded the
Glockenspiel in a distance of 5m.

Beyond this we created and processed some FX instrument patches and
added some very useful scripting possibilities such as damping,
sustain, amount, delay and arp to the patches.

Spieluhr contains:
* Spieluhr Looped Processed (processed + looped notes, modwheel
controls vibrato and damping, additional sustain, delay and reverb
knobs, range between F1 and G5)
* Spieluhr Resonating Guitar KEY (played & recorded on a guitars
body as well as on a ukuleles body – key switched)
* Spieluhr Hard (different spieluhr model, percussive and rough)
* Spieluhr (known-thin sound, additional arp)

Glockenspiel contains:
* Glockenspiel Room (recorded with a distance of 5m)
* Glockenspiel Rotate (3x RR, processed rotating sound, modwheel
controls vibrato and damping, additional sustain, delay and reverb
knobs range between C1 and C6)
* Glockenspiel (3x RR, known sound, modwheel contols damping, addi-
tional delay and reverb knobs range between C3 and C6)

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2. Burn or Mount
3. Use

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