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CRACKER...: N/A DATE....: 1223 2006


A powerful integrated Orchestral Workstation combining the legendary
Miroslav Orchestra and Choir sample collection masterpieces with a
dedicated plug-in instrument.

A workstation focused on orchestral instruments, ensembles and choirs
Philharmonik is a powerful integrated Orchestral Workstation combining
the legendary Miroslav Orchestral and Choir sample collection
masterpieces with a dedicated plug-in instrument specifically tailored
toward classical sounds and arrangements.

Includes the legendary Miroslav Vitous orchestra and choir
Miroslav orchestral samples are some of the most playable and
inspiring sounds ever produced for symphonic arrangements and
composition. They've marked the atmosphere of hundreds of movies and
productions and have become the tool of choice for many Oscar winning

Contains some of the most beautiful and lush sounding orchestral
samples ever recorded
Never before has so much feeling and emotion been captured in
orchestral sampling. Miroslav was able to bring out the rich character
of symphonic music with a special sound that is unique and powerfully

True acoustic placement within the Dvorak Symphony Hall
For incredible acoustic realism, the string, brass and woodwind
sections have been captured in the proper acoustic orchestral
positions in one of the most famous symphony halls in the world, the
Dvorak Symphony Hall in Prague. No need for simulation with panning,
just call up the elements of the orchestra and instantly sound like a
symphony. These sounds have a texture, warmth, and beauty that is
unique in the sample world.


The Miroslav Philharmonik's plug-in is based on an enhanced version of
the SampleTank workstation architecture, offering 16 multi-timbral
parts, with full control over the tempo and pitch of the sounds.

Each of the 16 multi-timbral parts can be loaded by selecting one of
more than 1,300 orchestral instruments included in Philharmonik. All
of the instruments can be easily found in neatly organized folders
within the browser window.

Miroslav Philarmonik's multi-timbral parts can also be saved as combi
ensembles, allowing you to load an entire orchestral set with one

Each part also offers 4 insert effects, which can be selected among 20
high-quality classical-oriented effects, for creative sound design and

Additionally, each part also offers up to 50 sound shaping controls,
for maximum flexibility over sound sculpture.

Exclusively, Miroslav Philharmonik also offers a master effects
section with individual parts' send capability. These can also be
selected among the 20 built-in effects.

Another unique Miroslav Philharmonik feature is the inclusion of a
high-quality master reverb in its list of 20 effects, with an easy to
use version of IK's new CSR, Classik Studio Reverb.

Also included are IK's other award-winning effects, like the warmth of
the analog EQ and compressors derived from T-RackS and AmpliTube.
These included effects are perfect for obtaining that smooth orchestra

Miroslav Philharmonik also includes other features that have made
SampleTank the industry-standard sound workstation, including a search
function, full MIDI controls of the parameters, zone editing, multiple
outputs and more.

* 16 part multi-timbral sample-based orchestral workstation.
* 20 Classic DSP effects
* 4 insert effects per instrument.
* 4 Master effects with separate sends
* Hi-quality master reverb derived from CSR
* Multiple synth engines including STRETCH and Pitch-Shift/Time-
* Mix view allows full mix parameter control.
* Classical music-oriented parameter names make it easy to use.
* Zone feature for accurate single sample editing.
* Full MIDI control of performance parameters.
* Part preset and combi preset customization features.
* 256 notes polyphony.
* Available as a VST, RTAS, DXi, AU plug-in (as well as a standalone
application) for Mac OS X and Windows from the same box.

Please note: since Miroslav Philharmonik sounds are based on an
enhanced version of the SampleTank engine, they cannot be opened from
the current version of SampleTank, but this feature will be available
in the next upgrade.


Miroslav orchestral samples have an inspirational and emotional
quality that is unique for symphonic arrangements and compositions.
Acoustically captured in the correct spatial placement of orchestral
positioning, they've been a first choice for scoring numerous films,
productions and soundtracks for composers worldwide. Beautifully
recorded at the Dvorak Symphony Hall in Prague by Miroslav Vitous,
these sounds have texture, warmth, and beauty that are unmatched in
the sample world.

Miroslav Philharmonik will include more than 1,300 orchestral and
choir sounds and over 7GB of sample material on 2 DVDs. It includes
the full sample content of the original Miroslav Orchestra and Choir
collections enhanced with previously unreleased sample material and
additional instruments recorded at high resolution by Miroslav


An impressive string section including 11 and 23 violins (one of the
largest violin ensembles available on the sample market), 9 basses, 10
cellos, 4 violas plus solo bass, cello, violin, viola with many
performance variations including vibrato, pizzicato, staccato,
marcato, espressivo, muted, tremolo, detache, sul ponte and more


4 French Horns, 3 English Horns, 3 Trumpets, 3 Trombones, Tuba,
Flugelhorn and solo Brass with Mute, Portamento, Staccato, Legato,
Crescendo, Fortissimo and more performances.


3 Oboes, 3 Flutes, solo Oboe, Flute, Alto Flute, Clarinet, Bassoon,
Bassclarinet, Contrabasson and Piccolo (Woodwinds Demo).

Classical Percussion

A full assortment of Classical percussion is included such as Chimes,
Tubular Bells, Plate Bells, Bell Tree, Vibraphone, Marimba, Bass
Drums, Snare, Cymbals, Gongs, Shakers, Crotales, Castanets, Agogos,
Bongos, Timpani, Tambourine, Woodblocks and more. With signature
instruments like snare and timpani offering rolls, glides, hits and
other performance variations.

Other Classical Sounds

Concert Piano, Harp, Harpsichord and Cathedral Organ are also included
for a truly complete orchestral set.


Male and Female classic choirs with separate notes, ahs, ohs, uhs,
mms, in staccato, glissando, portamento and more.

Unrar, and Burn or mount the image


VSTs via P2m / downloads

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