SoundToys Devil-Loc Deluxe.v1.0.9-R2R [ 42 mb ]

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default SoundToys Devil-Loc Deluxe.v1.0.9-R2R [ 42 mb ]



SUPPLiER : TEAM R2R | DATE : 2012.09.23
| DiSK : 09 x 05MB


The evil analog level destroyers are here. Devil-Loc and Devil-Loc
Deluxe are a SoundToys twist inspired by the classic Shure Level-Loc.
These plug-ins add huge sucking compression, grit, dirt, distortion,
and take drums (but try it anywhere) to a wonderful hellish
nightmare. It's not for the faint of heart.

The Devil-Loc

Essentially a distorting compressor but so much more, it's really
quite simple but also a bit supernatural. Because the release time of
the compression is effected by the input level (like the Level-Loc)
it's a bit hard to predict exactly what will happen the first time
you work with it. Luckily with just two knobs, you can find the magic
spot for your track fairly quickly and you'll be going for that sound
more and more. Don't be fooled by it's simple front panel, this
plug-in has a lot more cool sounds than you'd expect out of two
knobs. Get crushing kick drums, to almost rhythmic level sweeps with
the crazing sucking compression, to blitzed out blasting beat loops.
Drive it hard and you get straight hardware sounding break-up and
drive. It's a devil in disguise, and the devil's in the details, and
the devil made us do it and all those other devil references.

Devil-Loc Deluxe

To take things beyond the hardware that inspired it and give you
even more creative flexibility, we've created a second plug-in,
Devil-Loc Deluxe. The Deluxe version adds a "Darkness" control for
tone, switchable slow or fast release times and the ability to mix
the original back in right on the front panel. The addition of these
controls opens up the sonic palette immensely. Dark thundering drums,
to driven lo-fi loops, and more, and the mix control saves all that
tedious routing and lets you automate mix to keep the Devil from
taking over the soul of your tracks. This time, evil is good. But it
isn't free.

A Bit of History

The Shure M62 Level-Loc was designed by Shure to be a leveling
amplifier mostly for mics. The concept was it would keep an even
level (locked level) once it hit a certain input so you wouldn't get
"fade outs or blasting". It was super simple with only a switch for
three "distance" settings based on how far from the mic you were. The
M62V upped the control a bit by adding an input level knob. However,
the reason it became famous was not because it did a good job of
leveling, it may have, but largely thanks to SoundToys user Tchad
Blake and his desire to push, abuse, and do deliciously evil things
to his tracks. He discovered that pushing the Level-Loc gave you
gritty, dirty, unusual compression that made drums gigantic and
nasty. Both of which are good things. So we've taken that concept and
dropped it in the simple two control Devil-Loc. Then we've taken it
further than the original hardware with the Devil-Loc Deluxe.


You need PACE/iLok driver to run.


It's cool to embed the extra bombs inside the PACE protection Smile
Plugins checks if it is modified or not and send the data to dev's
server. After that it stops the processing and starts beeping. In
other words, you get logged by dev when the plugin bombs!

1.Uninstall previous versions.
2.Unrar and install.

VSTs via P2m / downloads


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